There was only one place for this Award,
At The Top!
I loving memory of "The Dreamer"

# 1 Week of 2/16/96

#1 Week of 6/07/96

2nd Place 3/28/97
Ok, so I slipped a little. Perhaps next time

#1 Week of 7/12/97
Hmm, now that's better.

#1 Week of 4/19/99
That was FUN!

Mary Ward Speech Friendly Caterpillar award! For making pages available to those who use speech access due to blindness in accessing pages on the world wide web.
I hope that other web designers will also work to make their pages friendly. All you need do is use the ALT= command after your IMG SRC command and provide a description of the image or it's intent. Please join me in this effort. Tanakia. 

The Family Jewel Award

The Diamond Award

The City of Angels Award