Don't even think about stealing this image! Don't even think about stealing this image! Don't even think about stealing this image!

Thunders Call
To each of you I send this call
Come see the Thunder's hall.
Seek and your spirit you will find
with our brothers throughout time.

Each of us must select
the land , the sky, the earth to protect.
The People honored the land and sea
what once was, may no longer  be.

I offer you a rare sight
of beauty and of light.
Come visit, join with me
see the power that truth can be.

May the kindred spirit hold your hand.
May your spirit mate guide your hand.
May you seek and be at peace with this land.
May you seek the beauty that is this land.

The Great Lion will speak to you,
and wise Owl may whisper words true.
"Mahkwa" the Bear will lend his power
And no longer will you hide or cower.

Look above, see the Proud Eagle soar
as she speaks of our native lore.
And the Buffalo still will thunder
across the rich and gracious tundra.

And in the sky stars still shinning bright
will urge you try bring truth to light.
Voices of the ancestors will speak
And cause you wonder at the truth they seek.

I hope you enjoy your visit with me.
I hope to bring a little peace for thee.
And if you find my vision worth your while
Perhaps you’ll stay with me awhile.

Many thing I have to show
Many thought I hope to sow.
And if I touched you with my style
May the Great Spirit look down and smile.

tanakia (Blessings to you.)
I am chiinkwia
"I am thunder"

aya, aya {welcome}

Don't even think about stealing this image!Don't even think about stealing this image!

"Shadow of a Dream"
by: D. Edward Kuceera
"Soul Mates" : Lee Bogle

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