Well howdy! 'Bout time you found this little hide away. This where you get a chance to find out a little bit about me and my family. Glad you stopped by.

Being from Texas is hard to do. That's because we really are never from Texas. I mean all of us that aren't living at home are never FROM TEXAS we are Texans. I know, I know find little cuttin' of words but that's the truth of it. I'm from Ft. Worth and my sis is still living there. Or rather Richland Hills. The parents are down in the Valley. They live in Mission. So you see we're spread out all over the place. I'm over here in Florida now, someday we may get to move back home, but for now this is where we are.

I've dropped a couple of links in here just so you can visit the area's we all live in now.

Ft. Worth, Tx-Tarrant County

Tarrant County Convention Center
My Mom helped open this center and was the first Executive Secretary of the Center. My, My. Lot's of water under the bridge since then.

Map of Ft. Worth downtown.

Mission, Texas

Mission, Texas

Dallas Cowboys--Hey, what did you expect? HUH?

Texas Monthly Webzine

I'm in the Travel Bss. That's why I'm living in Florida now. Below is a quick look at some of the entertaining times I've had. Hope you have enjoyed your visit here with me. Ya'all come back soon. Ya'hear?

YES. Sometimes I comb my hair.

This picture was taken in the Abaco's while I was working for Premier Cruise Lines.
" The Big Red Boat"

The lady in the picture with me is "Miss Emily" who owned the "Miss Emily's Blue Bee Bar" on Green Turtle Cay. Miss Emily invented a drink called the "Goombay Smash". If you have ever had a real "Goombay Smash" then you know why it is called that..

Miss Emily is no longer with us, she passed on a couple of years ago. I understand that she passed on the secrets of her drink to one of her daughters, and that the "Blue Bee Bar" is still open.

Unfortuatly, Premier no longer goes to the Abaco's. However, if you ever get a chance to visit Green Turtle Cay be sure to stop in and have a "Goombay Smash" for me.

The above picture was taken during a preliminary scouting trip for Premier, prior to beginning actual operations.