To all my Native American Brothers and Sisters:


Many of you have complained about my participation in the Powwow voting. I am aware that many feel that should not be recognized in any way, shape or form by any member of the People. 

While I agree that these people have questionable items and pages that make a mockery of us, I do not feel (as many do) that the best course of action is to ignore these people and refuse to acknowledge their existence. 

Our Nations are in the state they are in, in part, because  many of our ancestors felt the same way about the invaders of our lands. Many choose to ignore the threat and to simply move away from the encroachment rather than face the task of fighting them.  Oh, they riled against the white man.  They cursed the existence of the white man.  And then they moved away.  Perhaps allowing him to have a little more land, the reasoned, would satisfy his greed and they could then live in peace.  Perhaps if we ignore them they will go away and let us live our lives as we always have.

As a result of this the white man pretty much had his way.  And by the time the ancestors began to fight it was much to late to achieve a victory. The white man had simply become to strong and to many. has over one half million people on it's roles from around the world.

Are we to believe that the best way to overcome the mockeries on their pages is to run away and hide? To ignore there existence? To rile against them and against each other in an attempt to make them disappear? Will we achieve anything by attacking anyone that so much as dares to display anything on their pages that shows any association with these people? My answer is no to all the above. 

I have chosen to display my pages in their contest in order to expose the world to the People. To show the beauty and wisdom of the Indian. I fight from within the camp of the enemy. What's more I have won! Not once but three times now.

With each winning has come anywhere from 500 to 800 hits a day on my pages.  Hits from those wishing to see what the winning pages were all about. This means that in a weeks time, using only 500 hits a day, that 3500 people have seen at least a portion of our story. 

Most human beings are not fools. They may have seen the foolishness of the idiots, but they also then see the truth of the People.  They see it in full display, coming from within the pages of the fools. Which of us then, do you believe will win the hearts and minds of the world? Those who make a mockery of the People or those of us who stand and fight, AND WIN, within the fools home? 

If you still believe that I am wrong in my approach, so be it. We are a people who have always spoken our thoughts for all to hear. Our only wish is that those who hear the words we speak, also have the wisdom to listen and understand those words. 

Anger, especially unreasoned anger, will not accomplish anything more than angry responses.  In the last couple of weeks many of us have seen what happens when we attack each other over this issue.

The minds of those who have been angered by others anger, will then close to reasoned thought. And all the words, and anger, will then have been for naught.